#ChoppinItUp w/John Needem

Listen to #ChoppinItUp w/John Needem II at http://tobtr.com/s/6640577.

10275562_871782892835628_3539586478938628890_oIntroducing John Needem II. John is the owner of N 2 Fitness and another proud HBCU graduate that played in the high school band with our host. John is a walking example of hard work and another true entrepreneur with a story that will inspire young people. Tonight we meet John to find out where he went to school and how changing his lifestyle, opened doors for him in the business arena.

Marching Podcast Nalia Update

In December 2012, we were proud to introduce the Grand Opening of The Marching Podcast Nalia Store. We partnered with SpreadShirt.com to create products with The Marching Podcast logo. With the money we earn from the store, we originally wanted to create college scholarships, but now with the development of the scholarship fund with Sharon Reed and HBCU News.net, the money we make will be to support all business for The Marching Podcast, including scholarships and helping to improve the show and our store. We have upgraded our store with a new plan and a new URL: http://marchingpodcast.spreadshirt.com!

Following the theme in investing in our youth and building economics in our community, we have invested into DaEdge1 productions and Block Band Music to create apparel stores for their companies, respectively. We hope this will help spread the word about their businesses, and we want to make a statement that we are supporting our own economic destiny. We now have new functionality with ads and marketing widgets that we can use on our website, social media alerts, and each store will publish newsletters with special deals and discounts to be mailed to the masses. With new merchandise from baby clothes to computer accessories, we are proud to announce the giveaway segment for #The90DegreeShow for the Fall of 2014. The gifts we give away will be items from each apparel store, but we are also opening the door to encourage our sponsors to donate their products to promote over the airwaves. The prizes will be awarded to the people who are listening live with more details to be announced later.

In conclusion, we would like to open the door for employment with The Marching Podcast by opening two positions with the network: Director of Merchandising & Apparel Designer. Send your resume to The Marching Podcast email address to inquire about the positions.


#ChoppinItUp w/Craig Martin

Listen to #ChoppinItUp w/Craig Martin at http://tobtr.com/s/6525027.

10154191_10201485681577833_3649005232311631822_nIntroducing Craig Martin. Craig is the National Director of Promotions at South Coast Marketing and Promotions. Craig is another proud HBCU graduate that marched with our host during their college years. Craig has been doing big things by making contacts with the hotest artists in the industry for a while now and we are very proud of his success. Tonight we met Craig and find out where is from, where he marched and how he got into this entertainment business.

A little GIS with The Marching Podcast.

A little GIS with The Marching Podcast. Check out our follower map from Twitter here! http://ow.ly/i/5L67H

#ChoppinItUp w/Dr. Magruder

Listen to our episode of #ChoppinItUp w/Dr. Magruder at http://tobtr.com/s/6402219.


magruderIntroducing Michael Magruder. Dr. Magruder is the Head Band Director at Winston Salem State University. Dr. Magruder was one of our host’s band directors at Jackson State University and we are happy to see him as the leader of a program because of his great skill and he deserves it. Tonight we met Dr. Magruder and find out where he is from, his road to Winston and his experiences as a director at two great programs.

It Takes Two to Make a Thing Go Right!


We have reached May 2014 and what a great ride it has been. I think the greatest milestone achieved this year was establishing our official Trademark and now it is registered with the United States Patent and Trademark office. I have to admit, since I started teaching at a community college this semester, I have not created the same amount of episodes in advance. Last year, I had episodes created three months in advance, now I am trying my best to create them one week ahead of time for proper marketing. Part of my quest in starting this company was to reach out and be a positive light to young people to make our world a better place, and I believe we have picked up some fans along the way. Now its time for action, doing more to build our scholarship fund and to seek out people to join our family. I can only do so much on my own, and I believe that it takes a community to raise a child. We are strongest together when our swords are crossed, so for the upcoming year, we will be pushing to fill some positions with The Marching Podcast Network.

Secondly, one of our dear sponsors, Jeff Reed from Jeff and Sharon Reed (HBCU News with The Reeds), passed away in 2013, and we want to give our condolences to Sharon Reed and her family. Their goal was to provide HBCU news, updates and scholarship information with hopes of building their own scholarship as well. We want to support Sharon in whatever she does in Jeff’s memory, and since we both want to build scholarships, we will be teaming with Sharon to put together a fund in Jeff’s name.  We are excited now to have a vision for our scholarship fund and this helps with our first directive in building the family. The Marching Podcast will keep Jeff’s vision and HBCU News.net alive to complete the common goal that brought us together.

Our third directive is to continue to perfect our flagship show, The 9o Degree Show, by increasing interest and getting more people to voice their opinion. We have talked and connected with lots of people, who have provided good and bad feedback, and the most defining feedback has been about having some representation at the games. We will still give our opinion about what we see, but making sure we have a representative gives us the details we can’t get from video. We will also be looking to expand our panel each week so we have at least 4 people to comment on the game. We will also continue to have topics other than band and music that we discuss as well. We would like to do a show to talk about a documentary we saw this year, as well as create a blog post about religion and the African American community. We have created these topics to reach out to our fans and supporters, because critical thought about our earth and our society is important and we want to provide more angles of thoughts, other than band. Not too much but some. :)

Last and especially not least, to celebrate our two years being on the air, we are having a special Choppin It Up Series this month featuring teachers that were crucial in the development of the person I am today. Each teacher had a musical influence on me, and these are some of the teachers who are close to my heart. I only hope my kids have these type of teachers while they progress through life. The teachers this month will be the following:

Ms. Brenda Hente4th Grade and 8th Grade Teacher at Immanuel Lutheran Olivette – http://bit.ly/1u9XUg4

Mr. Steve TirmensteinRetired High School Band Director and Track Coach at Lutheran North High School  http://bit.ly/1jne4xV

Mr. Duncan C. GrayBand Director at West Charlotte High School – http://bit.ly/1neGCub

Dr. Michael MagruderBand Director at Winston Salem State University – http://bit.ly/1q1CXEn

We want to thank them for their time, and we hope you enjoy the interviews!

2014 Directors Series on The 90 Degree Show


We would like to introduce a new Director Series Podcast to broadcast in the Spring of 2014 on The 90 Degree Show. The fans of the show have spoken, and they are saying that there needs to be more discussion about bands outside of just marching season. The other parts of the year are intricate to what we see in the fall and vice versa. To lead this discussion, we introduce Dr. Kevin O. Davenport Ed.S. & Ed.D.

Dr. Kevin O. Davenport Ed.S. & Ed.D has spent 22 years in music education. He has taught all levels of band from elementary school to college, including 10 years as Director of Bands at IC Norcom High School in Portsmouth, VA – his Alma mater.  While there, he built the marching band program from thirty-two members to two hundred in a school that had only six hundred students.
He has also served as Associate Director of Bands at Tennessee State University in Nashville, TN where he was professor of Music Education for undergraduate and graduate courses. Dr. Davenport also has a website that you can view here.
The new Director Series podcast will be in four parts:


We would like to thank Block Band Music for the vision and lead in sponsoring this podcast. Their presence gives us the validity of music education, which is crucial to this field. We hope to target and gain more directors as fans of the network and hope they can use this to connect with students across the globe.


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