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2017 National Signing Day Podcast for Marching Bands I


Introducing Michael Washington. Michael is a senior a Woodlawn Leadership Academy High School in Shreveport, Louisiana. Michael who is also the drum major of the marching band at Woodlawn, is ready to announce on our network where he will march in the fall. In addition, we have a couple of people that would like to give Michael some words of encouragement as he steps out this fall. We are honored to support another scholar and we hope you enjoy the show. Check out our website http://www.themarchingpodcast.com/ you can email the show at marchingpodcast@gmail.com, tweet us @marchingpodcast, and follow our blog at http://bit.ly/17Gl2e2

Check out this episode!


The 90 Degree Show 2015 Weeks 1 & 2


Welcome to the 2015 90 Degree Show Weeks 1 & 2!  Welcome back to a new season of marching bands. This week we recap Week 1 to introduce how bands are looking this year including the Queen City Battle of the Bands, the joint performance with UNC and NC A&T and we go over some of the matchups we saw in Week 2 including the Southern Heritage Classic between Jackson State and Tennessee State. In our last segment we discuss important topics regarding our schools and/or our music programs. This year we welcome the great Christy Walker to the podcast, along with the owner and founder of Block Band Music and Publishing, Rashad Watters. Last but not least we welcome the great Ashley Nicole who always has a pulse and her ear to the ground in the marching band world. Lastly we will try to cover all the band news that we saw from over the summer.

Listen to the episode here: http://bit.ly/1UECxxN


That’s What I’m Talking About!!!

That's What I'm Talking AboutWe are proud to introduce a new show on the Marching Podcast Network. We want to bring listeners in from all areas and hosting a talk show on current events, sports and other issues is something that we have been looking forward to providing to our listeners. That’s What I’m Talking About is a talk show that covers a broad range of topics and invites people to call in and voice their views. The show is hosted by David Thompson, the official Marching Podcast Announcer, and his friend and fraternity brother, Howard Payne. The two of them have a friendship where they can debate topics for hours on the phone, and I would like to highlight that exchange and that friendship on the network. I will be producing the show by running things for David and Howard in the background, so they do not have to worry about the time, playing audio files, etc., while hosting the show.  The mission statement of the show reads as follows:

Our goal is to enlighten the public by not only stimulating their intellect by posing various questions, but to also pose valid, yet sometimes conflicting, viewpoints on current day topics and events. We also strive to provide viable information concerning these topics that could enhance your daily lives. We seek to give this podcast a broader perspective by educating the public on all sides of current topics and events.

We look forward to growing the number of shows on our network to create pillars of character for our listeners. We believe that knowledge is power, so we want to give the visual representation of success along with the mental tips to see us through. Check out the show every second Monday of the month at 9 PM (EDT) here on The Marching Podcast Network. Check out their Facebook page here:


You can tweet them @marchingpodcast Hash tag: TalkAbout

Legal Disclaimer for The Marching Podcast

As we continue to grow our business, we learn from our experiences and advice from people that we meet along the way. I am posting the disclaimer below for our records.


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New Introduction and a New Voice


My cousin, David Thompson, has been very helpful in developing my network, and I am very grateful for his support. He put me on to my new microphone that I love, and he has given me advice on past shows that I have done. So, without further ado, we now would like to introduce David as The Official Marching Podcast announcer. He is creating an audio clip for an introduction that will play at the beginning of each show on The Marching Podcast Radio Network. David has already created the introduction for the 90 Degree Show, and we are currently working on the other shows. The new introduction will premiere this weekend when we talk Week 12. David will also be talking about the photography and videography on the network to appeal to the kids that may want to be in that profession when they get older. We are still working out the details, but the focus of all our development shows is to help young adults weigh all their options for a career and to assist the common craftsman out there in their profession. With that said, we would just like to thank Cousin David once again for all his help on the technology side of the podcast, and we welcome him to The Marching Podcast Family!